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One of the best states that you can ever travel to is Texas. Texas has many rules and regulations, including some of the awesome one for food and drinks. For food safety, it is important that people in Texas who work in any food hub, should have food handler and manager certification or license. And, those thinking of selling beverages and alcohol should have a TABC certification. But now, one of the best things that you will know about both, is that you can get your tabc and food handlers certification or license with a combo pack. All you need to do is simply enrol yourself for the course.

About Food Handler and TABC Certification

A food handler course or certification is the one, where you get a license and that license is state approved. Besides all of that, food handler is a course that will mainly teach you about food safety and how to avoid cross contamination in food and how to use proper and good hygiene, when serving people with food and others. So, no matter whether you get a job or already have a job, in the food hub, like a hotel or restaurant or otherwise, it is mandatory according to the Texas state laws for you to have a food handler license.

TABC Course

Now, tabc is also one of the most important courses that any bartenders and alcohol or beverage sellers should have. This is a certification that teaches you mainly 3 things. The first is that it teaches you not to sell alcohol to the intoxicated, next it teaches you not to sell alcohol to the minors and lastly, not to sell alcohol to the non-members. Moreover, it also teaches you about the safety and proper use and how misuse of alcohol can cause impairment. Besides all of that, this certification course is only for 1-2 hours. And, the license is for 2 years. You can renew the license of TABC after 2 years.

Food Handler License

The food handler course is for approximately 1 year. And, the license is for 5 years. You can renew the license after 5 years. Besides all of that, for food handler course exam and TABC, you need to get at least 70% marks to pass the examination. If you fail the examination, then you can retake the test instantly or afterwards or as the case may be. Whether you are having a bar, or individual or you have a food hub, hotel, restaurant and others, it is important for you to have a food handler license or your employee should have a food handler or food manager license and also, TABC license. Besides that, a TABC course also makes you responsible towards selling of alcohol and makes you learn how to be on the safer side.

Clare Louise

Clare Louise